Masturbation. It’s healthy and normal.
Masturbation. It’s healthy and normal.

There is no need to be ashamed. Everyone does it. Masturbating allows you to explore your sexuality, your body, and your mind through touch and stimulation. There are many physical and emotional benefits to masturbation, and people do it for different reasons…whether its for fun, stress relief, to reduce sexual tension, or you just want to sleep - it’s completely healthy and normal. 

Fun and intimacy in the bedroom can be achieved on your own (boring!) or enhanced using sex toys. An item such as a vibrator can deliver a great degree of excitement and adventure when working in sync with your body. When a person orgasms their bodies dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin levels increase and the cortisol decreases. To put it in simpler terms, “feel good” hormones increase and “stress” hormones decrease, giving you a relaxed and euphoric feeling afterwards.

Pleasuring oneself allows you to discover what makes you truly tick and gives you a level of confidence you never had before. It unlocks hidden desires and pleasures through exploration of the human body, and leads to a healthy, satisfied sexual self.

Go ahead and get busy…and don’t just stop at one!

Post on : Nov 14, 2017
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