The Beginners Guide to Vibrators – Our Suggestion for Your First Vibrator
The Beginners Guide to Vibrators – Our Suggestion for Your First Vibrator

Buying your first vibrator is daunting. So many questions are involved! What do you choose for size? Should you get something that has all the latest bells and whistles? Which color do you go with? And does it have to look like that? After all of that, you’re still worrying…what kind of packaging does this come in? Is the box discrete? 

With such a wide selection to choose from, we suggest a bullet to pop your cherry in the vibrator world. It’s a staple in most peoples goodie boxes, and the perfect introduction into the world of pleasurable vibrations. Simply put, it gets the job done and it does it well! Below we will give you the buzzzzz and lowdown on what why we recommend a bullet when buying your first vibrator.

1. Choose What You Are Comfortable With

First and foremost, it’s ok to choose something because its pretty and doesn’t look like a massive veiny dong. It doesn’t need to look like a sex toy to cause pleasure. No ones going to judge you for what you choose. This is your toy and its important to choose what you are comfortable with.

When you’re thinking of testing the waters, odds are you will want something on the more discrete side of things. The bullet is perfect for that. Small, quiet, powerful and has multiple settings.

2. Size Does Matter

With this being your first toy, odds are you don’t want to open your nightstand and see a giant garish contraption. Choosing something large and intimidating for your first is a mistake, trust us. Choosing something smaller such as a bullet may be more ideal. Using a bullet, there is a smaller surface area and the vibrations are stronger and more consistent with the point of focus being directly on the clit.

3. Speed & Settings

Vibrators come in a wide range of settings, from mild to supersonic. The bullet sits between the mid to high range, with variety of different settings that are guaranteed to launch your rocket ship far into space! If you are buying your first vibrator it is important to get one with multiple speeds so you can begin establishing what you truly enjoy. With the multiple intensity levels, you can pick and choose based on your setting and mood. Sometimes you want a slow buildup and other times you just want the satisfaction of getting the job done.

4. Cost

For your first vibrator, don’t break the bank. With your new vibrating companion, you will be walking into unchartered territories…places, feelings and sensations you’ve never felt before. At this point, you don’t really know what you like until you’ve tried it. Start small and work your way up from there.

5. Battery vs. USB rechargeable

For your first vibrator, we suggest you go with a rechargeable version. It’s easiest to just plug it in. Who wants to be searching for batteries when the urge arises? Even worse, having the batteries die when your half way to the finish line.

Second notable point about rechargeable vibrators is that they are usually stronger than battery-powered ones, and are usually quieter as well because there is no battery bouncing around. If you’re just stepping into the game, you will most likely want it to be discrete…there is no need to get something that makes it sound like you’re using a lawnmower in your bedroom. 

Overall, we think you’ve got nothing to lose by getting a bullet as your first sex toy. When you’re looking to get busy, it gets the job done. Simple as that, no questions asked.

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