Sex Toy Care
Sex Toy Care

Sex toys are something very intimate that touches your body.

Now that you have your toys, you have to take care of them. Here are our top three tips on how to keep your toys clean and yourself protected.

1. Know your lube.

Lube makes everything more enjoyable, whether its used for penetration, to reduce friction or add sensation. Whether its warms, cools, or just makes for slippery fun, you should be aware of what you are using. First and foremost, don’t use silicone lube with silicone toys, because it will ruin it. A lot of people like silicone based lube because its more slippery and lasts longer, but its harmful if used with the wrong materials. Water based lube is a better solution, as its can be used on any material and is perfectly safe for your body. 

2. Wash your toys after every use.

No matter what you do, PLEASE wash your toys after every use. There is no point in going into detail about bacteria, body fluids and all those gross tidbits. Just wash your toys after every use. Our recommendation is using warm water and unscented hand or dish soap. If the toy has batteries or plugs in, take extra precaution by wiping it down with a warm, soap washcloth. Alternatively, there are also products out there specifically for washing and sanitizing toys, but soap and water work just as well. 

3. Let’s talk “storage.”

Don't just toss them in your nightstand. Bedside drawers tend to be a dumping ground for odds and ends in the bedroom. Seriously….do you even know what is lurking at the bottom of that drawer? Hair, dust, crumbs, germs…gross, right? The best thing to do is keep your toys stored away in a separate box, wrapped in the cloth or satin bag they came with. Most toys come with their own dust bag, and that can be used to protect them and make it a little more discrete if you don’t want some stumbling upon your treasure stash.

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